Import Regulations in Netherlands for Japan Used Cars

Restriction in Number of Years:
Shipping Ports:
Shipment Time:
RoRo (31-41 Days)
Shipping Schedule:
RoRo (Less than bi-monthly)
Shipping Line:
No Inspection
Only left-hand-drive used Japanese cars are permitted for import in the Netherlands. Other ports in the Netherlands for importing used vehicles from Japan are Port of Amsterdam, Port of Delfzijl, Port of Den Helder, Port of Eemshaven, Port of IJmuiden, Port of Terneuzen, and Port of Vlissingen.
  • Title and Registration certificate (original)
  • Purchase invoice (original)
  • Insurance proof (original)
  • Work contract (copy)
Customs clearance of the used Japanese car is necessary for importation in Botswana.
Before using Japan used vehicles on Dutch roads, the vehicle should pass the inspection test which can be carried out at the testing stations in the country operated by RDW and the importer must also make some necessary arrangements like:
  • Obtain a Dutch registration number for the vehicle along with the certificate of registration and the number plate.
  • Applicable road tax must have been paid by the importer.
  • Statutory third-party liability insurance should have been obtained for the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle to be driven on the roads of the Netherlands has a foreign registration, then a Passenger Car and Motorcycle Tax (BPM) would be charged.
  • 10% MFN Duty and 21% Sales Tax will be imposed.