Import Regulations in Puerto Rico for Japan Used Cars

Restriction in Number of Years:
No Age Limit
Shipping Ports:
San Juan
Shipment Time:
Container (29-42 Days)
Shipping Schedule:
Container (Weekly)
Shipping Line:
No Inspection
Right-hand drive Japan used vehicles are permitted for import in Puerto Rico.
  • The used vehicle must be cleaned thoroughly before its pickup for importation.
  • Documents of Registration and Title are required.
  • Damaged vehicles are not allowed for importation.
  • The vehicles that are suspected or deemed to be unsafe are not allowed for import.
  • The vehicle should not contain any personal belongings. Only the vehicle’s accessories and tools are allowed to be kept. Also, up to 2 permanently installed seats are allowed.
  • The vehicle must be installed with no more than ¼ tank of the gas.
  • When the vehicle will be ready to be picked up at the San Juan port upon arrival, a notice will be sent to the importer via email.
  • The importer is required to bring a valid photo identity proof and the Social Security Card for the pickup of the vehicle.
  • Import tax will be applicable to ship the used vehicle from Japan to Puerto Rico.
  • If the returning resident from the USA has owned the vehicle abroad, then while importing the vehicle, the names of the consignee and the owner must match on the document of Title and Registration of the vehicle.
  • For non-US residents, the import of the vehicle is allowed for only a duration of one year considering a tourist. A permission letter from EPA is required before the shipment.
  • For non-tourist residents, the permission for sale of the vehicle is not granted and the vehicle needs to be exported out of Puerto Rico within the duration of one year, else it may be seized and penalized by the Customs.
  • Bill of Sale or proforma invoice is required stating the value of the vehicle and must contain all the details of the vehicle such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year of manufacture and, the model.
  • Bill of Lading (original)
  • Title of ownership of the vehicle
  • Bill of Sale or Proforma invoice
  • Department of Transportation Form HS-7
  • Permission letter (from the EPA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency Form 3520-1
  • Environmental Protection Agency Form 3520-21
  • Import Duty is levied on the payable value of the vehicle to be imported.
  • 0% to 37.5% duty rate will be applicable. The average duty rate in Puerto Rico is 5.63%.
  • 12.5% of sales tax is applicable. It is cumulative of 11.5% Federal Component and 1% Municipal Component.
  • IVU is calculated on the cumulative of CIF value of the car and the duty payable.