Import Regulations in Sweden for Japan Used Cars

Restriction in Number of Years:
Shipping Ports:
Shipment Time:
RoRo (36-46 Days)
Shipping Schedule:
RoRo (Less than Bi-Monthly)
Shipping Line:
Sweden Transport & Logistic Shipping AB
Other ports in Sweden for importing Japan used vehicles are Port of Stockholm, Port of Sodertalje, Port of Malmo and, Port of Helsingborg.
Documents required for importing Japan used cars in Sweden are: Bill of Lading (original)
  • Title certificate (original)
  • Passport (with recent photo)
  • Driving license
  • Bill of Sale or sales invoice
  • Insurance proof
  • Customs Form
  • Document of vehicle registration (original)
  • 10% Import duty will be imposed for importing Japan used vehicle in Sweden.
  • 22% VAT will be charged.
  • The used car to be imported must have been owned for no less than a year.
  • In Sweden, only one personal vehicle is permitted to be imported once in 3 years.
  • The vehicle to be imported should only be intended for personal usage. A declaration must be signed which states that the imported vehicle will not be put into use for commercial or business purposes.
  • The car is not permitted to be sold for at least a year after importation. The importer is required to agree upon the same.
  • The importer should be living in Sweden permanently to be able to import a personal car. If the importer wants to remain as a tourist for the first 3 months, an authorization from the immigration should be obtained.